Beaverlodge Barracudas

Just keep swimming!

The 2020 summer swimming season has been canceled by the ASSA. You can read their letter here.

Refunds will be issued to anyone who registered and paid for the 2020 season.

If you didn't get a chance to register for the season please do so now, AT NO COST.

Swimmers must be registered to be considered a member of the Barracudas and only members will receive information about club activities and be eligible to vote at the next AGM. We still need everyone's support!

Register to be a Barracuda for the 2020 (non-swimming) season -

Deadline to order plants from our Growing Smiles fundraiser is May 1st!

H&M 2020 Fundraiser Order Form - deadline is May 25th, cheques payable to Beaverlodge Barracudas.

Member Expectations

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Private Facebook Group for families of registered swimmers