Registration Information

Barracudas practice Mon–Thursday sometime between 4-6PM, depending on the group they are in, from May 2 - August 4th. Each group will have a limited capacity. Groups may need to be adjusted after registration to maximize club resources.

● Beginner (ages 4-6) from 4-4:30PM, $350

Junior A (ages 6-10) from 4-5PM, $450 FULL

Junior B (ages 8+) from 5-6PM, $450 FULL

Intermediate (ages 8+) from 4:30-6PM, $500 FULL

Senior (ages 10+) from 4-6PM, $550 FULL

This fee will include a club swim cap.

The first two children registered are at regular price. A $50 discount will apply to registrations for a third, fourth, fifth etc. child.


You can pay online with a credit card or you can choose to pay offline, via cheque or EFT.

Online payments can be made in full at the time of registrations or you can choose to make two payments. Half the fee will be charged on April 22nd and the other half on May 30.

For offline payments you can also choose to pay in full, or make two payments for half the registration fee. Payment for at least half of the registration fee must be made by April 22nd
and the other half by May 30.

Because space is limited, registration will open March 17 for current members only. An email with the link will be sent to members who were registered for the Beaverlodge Barracudas 2021 swim season. New swimmer registration will commence March 21 and we will post the link on our website and social media.

Our system has a waitlist if groups fill up and we will do what we can to accommodate as many swimmers as possible.

Once you register online with our club you will be asked to register with Swim Canada in a system we refer to as the RTR. You will receive an email with instructions for how to do this. For insurance purposes, no swimmer will be allowed to attend a practice until this final step in the registration process has been complete.

The club will pay all of the ASSA, Swim AB and Swim Canada fees once this has been done.